Sway Village Hall offers a number of different spaces which can be hired by local groups, residents or for external events, celebrations and parties.

Main Hall


  • Large Main Hall (15.2m x 9.1m width)
  • Full size cinema screen with surround sound system
  • Modern LED stage/hall lights with rigging positions throughout the hall
  • Lights able to be focused on any area and display any colour to match your event themes or colours
  • Well equipped adjoining kitchen
  • Flexible seating, use as an auditorium or cabaret round tables
  • Entrance foyer space available to welcome guests/check tickets and display table plans

Meeting room & kitchen


  • First Floor Meeting Room available to hire at competitive rates
  • Downstairs Room beside Kitchen (commonly used weekdays 8am till 6pm by Little Flyers Pre-School) available for limited use outside these times

We have a friendly approachable team and work to have a can-do attitude to ensure your hire/event goes smoothly. We offer a range of hire options to meet your needs at competitive rates. 
Please contact our booking secretary at bookings.svhall@gmail.com to discuss your requirements, you can also see when the facilities are available in the calendars below…

Recent Hire –
Sway Village Hall Hosts International Film Awards

Sway Village Hall was approached by SPUD to host the spudWORKS annual film awards, which had attracted over 700 entries over many categories.

The awards ceremony found the full size cinema screen ideal for showing each of the shortlisted entries, with the hall walls and ceiling lit in themed colours to match the event marketing materials, with the lights dimmed and brought up for each winner announcement. The event was live streamed so international entries could watch.

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the Bookings Diary shows when the facilities are booked/available…


Measures 15.26m length x 9.1m wide, with ceiling at 5.3m.

Blackout curtains on all windows (including rope pulleys)

Hall includes set of chairs and both single and double length tables

Stage light rigging points at front and rear and two side perch/vertical bar positions with DMX. 



Proscenium arch with a 6.1m width opening, with total stage width of 9.1m (inc wings).
Stage 7.7m deep from rear wall to front edge with middle and rear black drapes/tabs which can be opened/closed from wings. Access to stage from rear (outside auditorium) and from stage right into auditorium. Moveable steps also available.

Three over-stage lighting pipes, set at 0.9m, 1.7m and 2.9m from the front curtain, safe working load of 20kg for each pipe.

Use is by prior arrangement only.


Available to hirers by prior arrangement only.

Sway Village Hall benefits from a fitted light and surround sound system.

Lighting – front of house lighting rig with several hanging positions above audience and perches either side, equipped with full colour LED profile lights. Three over-stage pipes (20 kg SWL ea) with range of LED Fresnels and traditional profile, fresnel and flood lanterns. DMX lighting system controlled from Hall Balcony (3.85m height over auditorium) with four dimmer packs providing 24 controlled lighting channels plus LED fixtures via DMX buffer. A range of stage lights are available to suit most hirers, including:

– Spotlights, operated manually and focusable

– Profile lights for highlighting visiting speakers, demonstrations, bands, actors etc. Also available is a range of Gobo designs and rotators to add special lighting effects from moving clouds to just a rotating logo of your choice

– Flood/Wash lights to provide depth, colour, lighting scenery and mood

– Follow spot

Sound – multi-way cable from back-stage left to balcony allows a range of sound equipment to be used, includes XLR plug ins for microphones, music equipment, keyboards or other equipment.

The music inputs can be balanced by the operator in the Balcony (giving an excellent view of the stage) via our mixer desk or arrangements can be made if the hirer wishes to use their own.

Once balanced the sound can be outputted from the desk into the cinema surround sound system, offering excellent audibility and definition throughout the hall and fed into a hearing aid loop.

Six ambient mics are located above the stage for general use, handheld wireless mics are available by prior arrangement. 

Two foldback speakers to assist performers on-stage to hear backing tracks, available with Bluetooth for rehearsals without needing to use mixing desk.  


Medium sized self-contained room with access from outside. Ideal for meetings.


Free to use for Tea & Coffee only.

Exclusive use cannot always be guaranteed.
Full kitchen available to hire with all equipment for larger events.

Pre-School Room
Only permitted use is for catering overspill and is included free with Full Kitchen use, subject to pre-school operating hours.
Those Requiring an Alcohol Licence
Prior arrangement only.

Password available on request.

Map / Location...

The village of Sway has a wide range of venues available for hire, if the Village Hall doesn’t match your requirements or if we cannot accommodate your dates, you may wish to consider these…

Jubilee Field (Sway Parish Council meeting room)    www.sway-pc.gov.uk/JFPavilion

Sway Youth Centre (near to St Marks & Coop)   www.swayyouthcentre.org.uk/booking-hall.html

St Lukes Church Rooms (in church grounds)    www.stlukeschurchsway.org.uk