Sway Drama Club Production – 18-20th November 2021 – “Dirty Dusting”

“Dirty Dusting”

18, 19 & 20th November 2021

Comedy By Ed Waugh & Trevor Wood, Directed by Laraine Dunleavy

Olive, Elsie and Gladys are three senior citizens topping up their meagre pensions with cleaning work in a large office block. Mocked as “the Jurassic Park Shift”, one Friday they learn that they’re about to be made redundant – to the glee of their manager, vindictive Mummy’s Boy David.

While from slightly different classes, the three women have known each other for most of their lives – not least from their time together in the Girl Guides – and are always ready to watch each others’ backs. When they mistakenly receive a call intended for a local sex-chat line, they’re inspired to set themselves up as the “Telephone Belles”, in order to “clean up” some cash during their final weekend on the premises.

As well as many laughs, this includes a poignant look at the difficulties of getting older as well as sympathetic and funny.

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